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  Why Purchase a strata title inspection report?

Strata Title reports

Strata Title properties first became registered in New South Wales in 1973. Since then there have been a number of changes to the Laws governing these types of properties. Each property can adopt their own by-laws which affect living in this type of title.

Company Title reports

One of the oldest forms of title living. Company Title properties can be very complex and often confusing to a new owner. You are actually buying shares in a company as opposed to buying the unit. Company Titles have a different set of regulations for living at the complex.

Neighbourhood Association reports

Each owner has total ownership over their house/townhouse/unit. They each contribute to the common areas of the complex by way of levied contributions. Adopted by-laws also govern this type of living.

Community Association reports

Living in a Community Title complex often provides a multitude of additional services/ amenities to an owner. A Community Titled complex can be made up of Strata Titled buildings, Neighbourhood Association or a combination of both. Often a pool, tennis courts or playground are part of the complex. A report of this type covers all aspects of the complex and the various issues and rules governing living there.

Building Management Committee (BCM) reports

A BMC, or Building Management Committee, is not a titled entity but is made up of representatives from various buildings forming a committee. These buildings share facilities that are common to all. They might be a courtyard, the fire services, or as simple as the plumbing. For example these shared areas can be between the local library or shops downstairs and the residential units above it. A report of this type gives further information into the whole site.

We can provide you with contact details and prices for reports relating to:

  • ID surveys
  • Pest & building pre-purchase reports
  • Engineering reports